Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The warmth system

As my first post here I should describe something OTHER then some funny business, instead I will describe how our warmth system is set up. Now before you think this is actually what is in game, it is not. Things are meant to be changed and will be changed. Well enough of the bull, lets get started.

When we first joined/started this mod we thought of snowballs (duh) but not only that but getting it to be a TEAM game. I see many games/mods out there that requires team support to win but when I play them I see people going lone rangers and yet I think that's what they were aiming for. In Snowball Source (SBS) we wanted it to be an team game where people actually had to stick together to survive. In this case we designed the warmth system.

Now tell me this when your cold what do you want? To be warm. Well in SBS we turn reality into fantasy. In our maps any area you lose health. So no matter what you can die without being attacked. But this can be bypassed by well what else, warmth. we designed these areas so that you don't have to guess, you know that you can be warm. Warmth heals you so if your down some health you must sit there for a while to heal up totally. Now if you got attacked and no warmth around? Your friend are there to help. Group together with your friends to be the ultimate squad. This is what promotes the teams. Who knew this could heat you up? The more people the more faster you will heal. Now we have our team/warmth system.

Now here are a few screenshots of what these map warmth areas are like.