Monday, October 13, 2008

One year ago...

So its been more or less a year since I designed and started searching for people to help me with Snowball: Source, and since then I've seen people come and go, some peep their eyes to see whats going on, and bleah I hate writing so damn much, stop watching this zeeky. Yeah I'm leaving this in the post. For real it's in the post.

I originally got the idea for the mod when.......... well it just came to me one day in a burst of originality. And if you'll excuse me I have to go to work right now. Ok I'm back now... where was I??? Right, the origin of the mod. I was just bored one night and started to write down ideas for a game, mod, etc.

Jallen was the first person to agree to help me w/ the mod, then Hectate, and Grash was the last of the "old" team to join up. Months passed and we didn't really get that much done... Eventually Jallen left coz of school, followed by Hectate for family/ job reasons, and Grash also had a family related issue so he had to leave as well. Around January Agent showed up and he started modeling and teaching me how to map. I'm gonna take a break right now I'll be back in a minute, but first SPELL CHECK!!!

OK back again. Around mid-summer this year as Agent & I were wrapping up the 2nd media update, ZeekyHBomb (as he's known on steam) joined Team Flakes (Grash's idea, not mine). He's been working out really well so far, we're actually getting close to internal alpha testing. That said, we could still use texture artists and animators.

And at this point I'm REALLY tried of typing so I'm gonna publish this.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't leak mah dlls!

I wrote some lines into the code to prevent clients from playing the beta when their SteamID is not hardcoded into the dlls. After I've successfully tested the code I'll post the few lines.
So yeah, the first internal beta is almost ready!

We still are searching for Texture Artists and Sound Engineers (I know I'm repeating myself... but who cares - better too often than too less) and you can also sign up as a beta-tester.

Some media will hopefully follow soon...