Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Before the holidays

For the 6 of you who read this and AREN'T part of the dev team (or their families(why they would be interested I have no fucking idea)), here's another one of our "development chats".

Never tell your password to anyone.
Your chat with AgeNt_ is now a multi-user chat.
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leveldesignchick entered chat.
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ZeekyHBomb: sup
leveldesignchick: yo yo
Fitty Yen: BACON
leveldesignchick: holy smac!
AgeNt_: GRAA
ZeekyHBomb: lol
Fitty Yen: I WANT PIE
leveldesignchick: I want some too
ZeekyHBomb: CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL (Rules of the Internet)
Fitty Yen: and im out of cake now....
leveldesignchick: where to now
Fitty Yen: idunno
ZeekyHBomb: Yea, so fitty, what did ya think when inviting us all?
Fitty Yen: I didnt
Fitty Yen: i just acted
ZeekyHBomb: Great. Let's talk about suicide. Everyone's fine with that? :p
Fitty Yen laughs like a maniac
ZeekyHBomb: leveldesignchick, did you read our dev-blog?
Fitty Yen: when was the last update to that?
ZeekyHBomb: Probably about two moth ago?
Fitty Yen: ...wait... wasnt that MY update?
ZeekyHBomb: there: MONDAY, OCTOBER 13, 200
ZeekyHBomb: 8
leveldesignchick: shoot dude I haven't been on steam since we last talked
leveldesignchick: I need to get updated
The link is in the forums ;)
leveldesignchick: I have a new job that I can work on the mod here at the studio
Fitty Yen: great, what can you do?
ZeekyHBomb: I bet she can do level design! 10$!
ZeekyHBomb: :P
leveldesignchick: now that I have a machine that can run source and all that, I need to learn the basics of the engine
leveldesignchick: I can make art assets right away
Fitty Yen: elaborate
leveldesignchick: and then when I get familiar with the engine and play the mod make level changes and designs
ZeekyHBomb: art assets: Drawing. Not MS Paint ;D
leveldesignchick: eh
Fitty Yen: uhoh
AgeNt_: what sall i do
leveldesignchick: photoshop stuff and max fluent in 2d and 3d stuff
ZeekyHBomb: Did you ever use a pencil, fitty?
leveldesignchick: takes time
leveldesignchick: I've been lame so far
leveldesignchick: but stil interested
ZeekyHBomb: You can draw stuff :p
btw, will we post this log again?
Fitty Yen: use pencil for what?
Fitty Yen: sure why not
Fitty Yen: so far theres less porn links
ZeekyHBomb: AgeNt_, you know what to do. Post some stuff we have to censor because fitty is lame
ZeekyHBomb: We only had 3 or something, didn'T we?
AgeNt_: yep
ZeekyHBomb: Reading that log makes me lol again.
Fitty Yen weggies self
Fitty Yen: ...what?
ZeekyHBomb: weggie?
Fitty Yen: agent, go get utube link of weggie
ZeekyHBomb: You mean weegee?
AgeNt_: weggie sucks balls
AgeNt_: weegee*
AgeNt_: fag in comp tech 2 over used it
AgeNt_: off to play some 360
ZeekyHBomb: Fitty. You now shall be named Phail Yen. It's weegee not weggie.
Fitty Yen: no, the underwear prank
AgeNt_: hit up my live account
AgeNt_: AgeNtNicK
AgeNt_: lol
AgeNt_: bbl
ZeekyHBomb: Why are you always off to play xbox when one wantsa chat with you?
AgeNt_ disconnected.
ZeekyHBomb: Ok. Now we can have a threesome.
Seriously, lead the way, mod-leader.
Fitty Yen: yesh?
ZeekyHBomb: You betcha.
Fitty Yen: I don't know whats going on!
ZeekyHBomb: Did you forget to take ur medicine?
ZeekyHBomb: Well, let's talk about progress.
I've written about 80 lines of code in the last two month. About 55 are useless (removed). Changes: not much. Did some stuff about ID-kicking and fixed a crash related to the two new snowball-sizes.
Fitty Yen: dont need it, it makes me think less good
Fitty Yen: coo
ZeekyHBomb: And Grash thinks he did a backgroundmap-fix. I didn't even know we want one, but it's not complete anyways.
At least vanilla HL2-backgroundmaps do not work.
ZeekyHBomb: properly
Fitty Yen: i've made the team bases for my newest map
Fitty Yen: one cave and one busted up house
ZeekyHBomb: For an internal beta I'd simply need to get my ass up on debugging the freshly baked models by AgeNt_.
Fitty Yen: you can bake models?
ZeekyHBomb: AgeNt_ does.
Fitty Yen heats the oven to 400000k C
ZeekyHBomb: I didn't check, but he said now big and large are different sizes.
Fitty Yen: tell me this is a bad idea
leveldesignchick: hehe
ZeekyHBomb: This is a bad idea, although I kinda like it because it's not my oven.
Fitty Yen: meh if the feds didnt get on me for what i did with the microwave they'll never convict me for anything
ZeekyHBomb: If I ever get motivated after the internal beta again I'll probably start coding a CTF-gamemode.
Fitty Yen: flag should be a torch
ZeekyHBomb: I don't think the feds care if you bonk the microwave.
Fitty Yen: no, i started spliting atoms
Fitty Yen: started a mini nuclear winter down here
ZeekyHBomb: Must have been your first orgasm....
ZeekyHBomb: We need something intresting to talk about.
Fitty Yen: do blue M&Ms taste better than red ones?
ZeekyHBomb: Will we see the internal beta this year? Codewise yes: YAY! Holidays soon.
Fitty Yen: .... guh
ZeekyHBomb: Dunno. I usually stuff them in my mouth without looking at the color.
ZeekyHBomb: How 'bout playermodels.
Fitty Yen: good topic
ZeekyHBomb: Kids? Or maybe something humourous?
Fitty Yen: if you can think of something funny that the players can... play as
ZeekyHBomb: If we are unoriginal we can modify the rebels and the combines.
Fitty Yen: recolor the rebels for red and blue teams?
leveldesignchick: something wintery?
ZeekyHBomb: Yea, exactly. But let's try be original.
leveldesignchick: thats a start :D
leveldesignchick: who is the modeler?
Fitty Yen: agent
ZeekyHBomb: Maybe something matrix-like. The one team has fancy buissness-suits and the other has fancy coats and leather-suits.
leveldesignchick: what does he like to model best?
leveldesignchick: maybe animals or something
ZeekyHBomb: Till now he only did snowballs and some props.
leveldesignchick: like rabbits vs. polar bears
leveldesignchick: hehe
leveldesignchick: that's prolly a little complex
leveldesignchick: then
Fitty Yen: no idea, but id put $ on porn models
ZeekyHBomb: Not bad. I thought of aliens and robots, but not animals.
leveldesignchick: animals w/ snowballs
leveldesignchick: can be like tf2 maybe bugs bunny?
leveldesignchick: vs. micky or something
leveldesignchick: or can be real
Fitty Yen: NO
Fitty Yen: we'll get our asses sued off
ZeekyHBomb: Fitty, you really can buy this shit:
leveldesignchick: oops
leveldesignchick: forgot about the licencing
Fitty Yen: and now we HAVE to post this on the blog
ZeekyHBomb: We could call them bugs rabbit and micky rat, so we don't get sued :p
Fitty Yen: cuz no one will wise up to that
Fitty Yen: rich people VS hobos
ZeekyHBomb: chaaange? got some spare change?
leveldesignchick: what's that to do w/ snow? maybe something that enhances the environment / a play off of it
ZeekyHBomb: Snowmans vs humans?
leveldesignchick: snow man might be cool
leveldesignchick: it's interesting he can pull snow off himself
leveldesignchick: but deplete his resource
leveldesignchick: and have kids as allies that build him up again
ZeekyHBomb: That could be a special gamemode.
Fitty Yen: perhaps
ZeekyHBomb: Let's mark that for later
ZeekyHBomb: We could do kids vs grown-ups.
Fitty Yen: note to self put new gamemodes on hold
Fitty Yen: im fine w/ just Red Vs Blue
leveldesignchick: that sounds sweet
leveldesignchick: like grownups go after snowman with a shovel
ZeekyHBomb: The problem would be the different sized models.
leveldesignchick: hehe
Fitty Yen: kids would be too short
leveldesignchick: maybe too complex
Fitty Yen: we still need an animator...
ZeekyHBomb: We'll use the combine- and rebel-models for our first beta. It will attract the eyes of ppl and we have a chance of getting one then.
Fitty Yen: hopefullly
ZeekyHBomb: I'm a genius, ain't I? I bet you didn't think of that!
ZeekyHBomb: Anyways, we still should have plans for the playermodels.
Fitty Yen: i just wanted to trim down the rebel models
ZeekyHBomb: Wouldn't you have to decompile the models then?
Fitty Yen: i have no idea
ZeekyHBomb: I don't think VALVe simply gives them away ..
Fitty Yen shrugs
ZeekyHBomb: How 'bout heavy armoured soldiers?
ZeekyHBomb: Looking all bad-ass.
Fitty Yen: again i have no idea
Fitty Yen: i have to go pack so il be back in a little bit.
ZeekyHBomb: I guess we simply need a flash of genius.
ZeekyHBomb: If someone has some important topic to talk about, I'll be going to bed not later than 1h.
Fitty Yen: i cant have all the brilliant ideas now can i?
ZeekyHBomb: Just because you planned on doing a mod without any experience.
It's a wonder that this mod has survived for this long...
Fitty Yen: yep
Fitty Yen: gotta get ur feet wet some hwo
leveldesignchick: woo hoo!
Fitty Yen: *how
Fitty Yen: elaborate
ZeekyHBomb: When I started, I joined existing modding-teams because they already have a structure 'n shit.
Fitty Yen: haha sucker
ZeekyHBomb: It's still not set in stone that this mod will actually release and be good, is it?
ZeekyHBomb: Anyways, leveldesignchick is quite passive.
Fitty Yen: actually i wanted ledeck to elaborate
leveldesignchick: on wat
Fitty Yen: woo hoo
ZeekyHBomb: Next time when you want a nice group-chat plan some topics btw. I bet it'll be much more fluent and productive.
leveldesignchick: I'm excited this mod exists
leveldesignchick: and want to catch up and help it get finished
leveldesignchick: k
ZeekyHBomb: After you got it touch with Hammer and can do some basic maps, you have to read this
so, put it in your bookmarks.
leveldesignchick: thanks dude I just did!
leveldesignchick: I'll be working here at work
ZeekyHBomb: If you have questions about mapping you can ask all three of us (if AgeNt_ still was here). We all can do maps :)
leveldesignchick: just finishing up some last stuff then have down time to come in and use the computer for personal stuff
leveldesignchick: sweeeet!
leveldesignchick: like u guys already :P
ZeekyHBomb: There's no hassle ;)
You need me to release my new code first because it contains some useful things.
leveldesignchick: first things first is playing the mod and reading the forums
leveldesignchick: then doing some basic mapping and finding out where help is needed most
ZeekyHBomb: I'd say make some HL2 or HL2MP-maps. Then you don't have to set up Hammer for SB:S.
leveldesignchick: I WILL
leveldesignchick: hehe
leveldesignchick: I am all about docs yo!
ZeekyHBomb: To say something interesting, I plan on writing an automated update-tool which then can work together with the FTP.
Fitty Yen: awesome
Fitty Yen: scratch that complement
ZeekyHBomb: lol
Fitty Yen: "plan" means it might not happen
ZeekyHBomb: Indeed.
leveldesignchick: plan is better then no plan eh?
Fitty Yen: sometimes
ZeekyHBomb: I never worked with FTP-servers code-wise. They are widely used, so it shouldn't be a problem - but one can never know.
Fitty Yen: hey zeeky have u actually been on one of my maps?
ZeekyHBomb: But I also learned how to create, delete and copy folders and files and how to access the registry in C++ within one day (plus wrote a program to make use of it ;)), so you can expect it to happen.
It would also make the upload-process easier and thus I would also benefit from it.
ZeekyHBomb: Yes.
ZeekyHBomb: I also had this stuck-on-snow thing.
ZeekyHBomb: I just had a wicked idea on how to crash the clients and they can't do shit about it.
Guess I'll write that down and test it somewhen.
Fitty Yen: what did zeeky think?
ZeekyHBomb: It's about the CommunityID-filtering for internal betas.
ZeekyHBomb: Right now you can easily work around it if you know how it's done.
ZeekyHBomb: I even have to use this because I was to lazy to add my CommunityID damnit!
ZeekyHBomb remembers the days where he wrote code for the snowballs every day.
ZeekyHBomb: Where have they gone.
ZeekyHBomb: Oh, your maps.
Well, they're crap.
ZeekyHBomb: jk
ZeekyHBomb: Steer, fitty. Steer!
And he crashed..
Fitty Yen: AND TOAST
ZeekyHBomb: Well, I have to see them in action. You maybe need a little work on some edges, but overall the one map I remember was nice
ZeekyHBomb: It's the map I use for testing because it's the first in my list.
mk3_something I think was it's name..
ZeekyHBomb: There: barn_mk3
ZeekyHBomb: olebase was mapped by AgeNt_, righ?
ZeekyHBomb explodes randomly.
Fitty Yen: yes olebase was agent, barn mk3 was me
ZeekyHBomb: olebase was kinda small.
Fitty Yen: its quake ish
ZeekyHBomb: and snowrena has nice aspects but looks meh otherwise.
ZeekyHBomb: And these are all the maps I've played that looked somewhat mapish.
I also have sdk_vehicles and city_street and firetest.
Fitty Yen: was one of my maps city street or was it called plaza?
ZeekyHBomb: The one I have here is city_street
Fitty Yen: whats in it
ZeekyHBomb: leveldesignchick, you don't have a mic where you work, do you?
ZeekyHBomb: dev-textures, a horse-statue and beginnings of some buildings.
ZeekyHBomb: Very small.
Fitty Yen: yeah thats plaza...
Fitty Yen: god i hate its guts
ZeekyHBomb: ? ?
ZeekyHBomb: Oh, of the statue
ZeekyHBomb: lol
ZeekyHBomb: That was quite a WTF-moment.
ZeekyHBomb: It didn't have a big penis though, which kinda conflicts with the guts. Weird stuff.
ZeekyHBomb: I have nothing else to talk about, so I say something about every detail that comes in my mind.
ZeekyHBomb: Maybe I'll post some code to show you how awesome I am and how small you are. Maybe not.
ZeekyHBomb: I'm tired (kinda) and have school tomorrow. good night.
And post this log, fitty :)
Fitty Yen: do i have to
Fitty Yen: ?
ZeekyHBomb: Yes. Else I'll slap you.
Fitty Yen: finefine ill do it
ZeekyHBomb: Good thing you are not machochistic
Fitty Yen: or are we
Fitty Yen: ?
ZeekyHBomb: I might be. I don't let you slap me anyhow.
ZeekyHBomb: Well then, bye. See you next time.
This chat was brought to you by [>insert company here<].
ZeekyHBomb left chat.
Fitty Yen: byebye
leveldesignchick: later!
leveldesignchick left chat.
Fitty Yen: ...
Fitty Yen: im all alone now...
Fitty Yen: finaly!