Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The warmth system

As my first post here I should describe something OTHER then some funny business, instead I will describe how our warmth system is set up. Now before you think this is actually what is in game, it is not. Things are meant to be changed and will be changed. Well enough of the bull, lets get started.

When we first joined/started this mod we thought of snowballs (duh) but not only that but getting it to be a TEAM game. I see many games/mods out there that requires team support to win but when I play them I see people going lone rangers and yet I think that's what they were aiming for. In Snowball Source (SBS) we wanted it to be an team game where people actually had to stick together to survive. In this case we designed the warmth system.

Now tell me this when your cold what do you want? To be warm. Well in SBS we turn reality into fantasy. In our maps any area you lose health. So no matter what you can die without being attacked. But this can be bypassed by well what else, warmth. we designed these areas so that you don't have to guess, you know that you can be warm. Warmth heals you so if your down some health you must sit there for a while to heal up totally. Now if you got attacked and no warmth around? Your friend are there to help. Group together with your friends to be the ultimate squad. This is what promotes the teams. Who knew this could heat you up? The more people the more faster you will heal. Now we have our team/warmth system.

Now here are a few screenshots of what these map warmth areas are like.

Monday, October 13, 2008

One year ago...

So its been more or less a year since I designed and started searching for people to help me with Snowball: Source, and since then I've seen people come and go, some peep their eyes to see whats going on, and bleah I hate writing so damn much, stop watching this zeeky. Yeah I'm leaving this in the post. For real it's in the post.

I originally got the idea for the mod when.......... well it just came to me one day in a burst of originality. And if you'll excuse me I have to go to work right now. Ok I'm back now... where was I??? Right, the origin of the mod. I was just bored one night and started to write down ideas for a game, mod, etc.

Jallen was the first person to agree to help me w/ the mod, then Hectate, and Grash was the last of the "old" team to join up. Months passed and we didn't really get that much done... Eventually Jallen left coz of school, followed by Hectate for family/ job reasons, and Grash also had a family related issue so he had to leave as well. Around January Agent showed up and he started modeling and teaching me how to map. I'm gonna take a break right now I'll be back in a minute, but first SPELL CHECK!!!

OK back again. Around mid-summer this year as Agent & I were wrapping up the 2nd media update, ZeekyHBomb (as he's known on steam) joined Team Flakes (Grash's idea, not mine). He's been working out really well so far, we're actually getting close to internal alpha testing. That said, we could still use texture artists and animators.

And at this point I'm REALLY tried of typing so I'm gonna publish this.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't leak mah dlls!

I wrote some lines into the code to prevent clients from playing the beta when their SteamID is not hardcoded into the dlls. After I've successfully tested the code I'll post the few lines.
So yeah, the first internal beta is almost ready!

We still are searching for Texture Artists and Sound Engineers (I know I'm repeating myself... but who cares - better too often than too less) and you can also sign up as a beta-tester.

Some media will hopefully follow soon...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Progress: Marbles, Vacuum

Just here to report my work.
I added the marbles, which will be shot from the slingshot. They can destroy snowballs - of course it is easier to hit bigger ones and you can charge the slingshot up so that the marbles get shot in a shotgun-pattern.

I also started working on the vacuum. You are able to suck up snow to create bigger snowballs to throw at people and snowblocks to build stuff.
I only have the physics-part working, so the snowballs fly to you if you "shoot" at them.

AgeNt_ is already working on some models. When they are in-game I guess I'll get some screenshots.

Till then we are still searching for Texture Artists, a Sound Engeneer and some Testers. Apply at our forums.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My disaster with Delusion:Source

So, our tester barneyslayer, became aware that I'm the coder of the team. Him being a modeler of Delusion:Source asked me if I could help them a little out with coding, I would also only have to make minor stuff, such as coding weapons. Being helpful I agreed and joined the team.

---cut due request of the Delusion:Source Team---
To make it short what was there:
The coder, who already was there, hadn't been able to compile the code so I had to start from zero. I added multiple dynamic lights (easy, it's on VALVe's developer-wiki). Then I started the code for a flashlight which would have a viewmodel - so that the light has to follow the end of the model.

Anyways, I finished the code for the flashlight, added ironsights (I'm soon gonna update the code you can find on VALVe's wiki as it's a bit crappy) and a syringe. But AgeNt_ reminded me that Team Snowflakes would appreachiate it when I would still code for them. He was totally right, so I fixed up a huge bug of the snowballs.

I reaslised that I couldn't fully maintain two complete mods as I would be leadcoder of both. So the only good solution was to quit Delusion:Source. Nothing personal or something, but it's just too much or me. Best wishes on the team :)

Barneyslayer got a warning from us - as trying to get working resources (team members) to work for your own team is a bit mean. Sure, they can say no, but that wouldn't be nice as you want to be helpful 'n all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Interesting Chatlog (censored out the stuff that might make you puke):

Fitty Yen: wooo
AgeNt_: ah fitty im already talking to zeeky
ZeekyHBomb: Whoa, AgeNt.
I'm supprised to see you.
AgeNt_: whow
AgeNt_: long time no see
AgeNt_: its been what
AgeNt_: 2 days?
Fitty Yen: my work here is done
ZeekyHBomb: Yo, Fitty, We were playing Snow War.
ZeekyHBomb: It's awesome!
Fitty Yen walks away and watches MYTHBUSTERS
AgeNt_: LOL
ZeekyHBomb: But but... you have to see the outstanding AI.. :(
Fitty Yen: cant
ZeekyHBomb: y?
Fitty Yen: 2 reasons
Fitty Yen: 1 im watching mythbusters
Fitty Yen: 3 reseasons
Fitty Yen: 2 its a weekday
Fitty Yen: 3 i dont has HL1
ZeekyHBomb: But you did play it, righ?
ZeekyHBomb: (HL1)
Fitty Yen: yes
Fitty Yen: on source
ZeekyHBomb: ah, ok
ZeekyHBomb: In the german version the scientists would shake their head and sit down when you "killed" them xD
ZeekyHBomb: Fitty, what do you think of me?
AgeNt_: Fitty Yen: sexy
ZeekyHBomb: Thanks! *.*
ZeekyHBomb: Also, do you have some kind of website?
AgeNt_: Fitty Yen: www.########.com
ZeekyHBomb: Ok, I'll set that as you homepage in our blog!
ZeekyHBomb: your*
Fitty Yen: agent remind me to remove ur skeleton after the mod is done
AgeNt_: lol
ZeekyHBomb: That's not nice.
ZeekyHBomb: DURR!
AgeNt_: Fitty Yen: I want to fuck mudkip
ZeekyHBomb: eww...
and spiderman? X_X D:
ZeekyHBomb: Anyways, srsly, do you have some kind of homepage I can link to in our blog.
ZeekyHBomb: Are away? Like, puking? Was AgeNt_ a bad person?
AgeNt_: so fitty what is it?
Fitty Yen: i told you www.#########.com
Fitty Yen makes an incisoin in agents knee
ZeekyHBomb: Are you even bother to read my stuff, Fitty?
ZeekyHBomb: Do*
Fitty Yen: i do have a site that i NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER update
Fitty Yen: but yeah i have a site i can links to
ZeekyHBomb: So, do you want it to be linked to your name in the blog?
Fitty Yen begins to remove agents femur
Fitty Yen: sure
Fitty Yen: http://freewebs.com/fittyyen/
AgeNt_: fitty i already have no legs from all the bricks
Fitty Yen: like i sayd it's blank
AgeNt_: just like ur face
ZeekyHBomb: fitty, you might have gone a bit too far here.
c'mon. You can mean that serious.
ZeekyHBomb: can't*
AgeNt_: cuz we never seen it
Fitty Yen: hm? where are we now?
AgeNt_: your moms panties
ZeekyHBomb: Fitty, what do you think of me?
Am I a terrible person?
AgeNt_: what about me
AgeNt_: am i a bully
ZeekyHBomb: Nobody want's to know that.
Fitty Yen: zeeky ur cool
ZeekyHBomb: ^_^
Fitty Yen starts to separate Agents hip from his spinal cord
AgeNt_: i dont have a hip
AgeNt_: im in seperate parts
AgeNt_: brain in a jar over there
AgeNt_: hands right there
ZeekyHBomb: So, about our mod:
Those items like hot chocolate and soup, will they be like the medkits or will they be portable items?
Fitty Yen: i was entertaining the idea that one thermus of hot chocolate OR soup could be kept in the player's inventory, and that they could use it when they need to or can pass it to a teammate
AgeNt_: like fitty-yen's fleshlight
ZeekyHBomb: @AgeNt_: I just continued what was already started with that spidy.
@Fitty: A bit like a weapon?
Fitty Yen puts kindero fish in agents water supply
Fitty Yen: yeah sorta
AgeNt_: will it be in the view model
Fitty Yen: i guess when you use it
Fitty Yen: OH IDEA
Fitty Yen: could it be like the Heavy
Fitty Yen: 's sandvich?
Fitty Yen: doubles as a weapon and a taunt
ZeekyHBomb: How long would it take to drink?
Shouldn't be too long.
Fitty Yen: 3-4 seconds
ZeekyHBomb: Also, the player gets damaged when outside, right?
ZeekyHBomb: Yea, that's fine.
ZeekyHBomb: 'cause you didn't write that in the player-rules.
ZeekyHBomb: I thought about trying to modify the HUD, so that you have more like a healthbar.
Fitty Yen: ehhh well why dont we leave it up to the mappers
ZeekyHBomb: Ok.
Fitty Yen: that way some maps have a bad outside and some have a safe outside
Fitty Yen: we should put this in the blog
Fitty Yen: but we'll cut out agents links
AgeNt_: D=
ZeekyHBomb: y?
ZeekyHBomb: That's who he is: a distrubed kid who didn't yet kill himself.
Fitty Yen: its both kinda funny and kinda insightful as to our development discussions
Fitty Yen has to use the banana phone
AgeNt_: phone sex business sucks
ZeekyHBomb: Well, censor it maybe. But not completely away.
ZeekyHBomb: So, how about a point-entity, setting the outside damagerate and a brush-entity to mark the insides (you can set the healrate for each brush)
Fitty Yen: sounds good
Fitty Yen: just use a negative hurt brush, right?
AgeNt_: more like a stop hurting brush
ZeekyHBomb: I would have more control if we use an own entity for that.
Like, that would go good with an advanced damaging-system I've though about:
ZeekyHBomb: Snowballs decrease health, but also do time-based damage, that gets less over a while or when warmed up.
ZeekyHBomb: Do you know what I mean?
Fitty Yen: hmmm yeah i do, but it would be hard to convey to the players that getting hit w/ a snowball will do continual damage
ZeekyHBomb: Like Fittys fleshlight after being used: It's wet. You can wait till it's dry again or dry it by yourself. That would be the time-based damage.
ZeekyHBomb: I can make a hud-element for that or tint the screen a bit.
Fitty Yen: hm
Fitty Yen: what else can you make the screen do?
ZeekyHBomb: I can add motionblur, but no shaders, since the shader SDK is not included to the SDK right now.
Fitty Yen: cuz i like the tint idea
AgeNt_: in snow war when u get hit by a snowball
Fitty Yen: can you control the concentration of the tint
AgeNt_: the screen goes white
AgeNt_: which sucks
Fitty Yen: i dont care about snowwar
AgeNt_: lol
Fitty Yen: screw it
AgeNt_: you dont love me
Fitty Yen: no
ZeekyHBomb: Yes I do.
AgeNt_: http://www.fleshlight.org/images/mocha_butt_fleshlight.jpg
ZeekyHBomb: I can control the concentration.
AgeNt_: theres fittys fleshlight
ZeekyHBomb: After being cleaned properly.
Fitty Yen starts to dissasemble agents rib cage
ZeekyHBomb: I (may) can add a real shader when the shader SDK is released.
Like stronger cold colors - or when in warm places stronger warm colors.
ZeekyHBomb: AgeNt_, ur awesome!
You still live through that somehow.
Fitty Yen: no im awsome, im the one not damaging any of agents organs or blood vessels
AgeNt_: maybe color correction
ZeekyHBomb: Yea, it would be like color correction.
Fitty Yen: oh can we also control (im getting sick of using that word) where the concentration of tint is, so we can use it to tell players the direction the snowball came from?
AgeNt_: but with a fleshlight
AgeNt_: new snowball model.
AgeNt_: fittles fleshlight
ZeekyHBomb: AgeNt_, you're kinda obsessed with Fitty's fleshlight.. a bit too obsessed.
Fitty Yen: im glad i have no idea what u guys are talking about
AgeNt_: what can i say i like it
AgeNt_: feels good
ZeekyHBomb: I guess that should be possible. Not 100% sure though.
ZeekyHBomb: We're talking about the mod and about your fleshlight.
Fitty Yen: and i have no idea what the latter is
ZeekyHBomb: AgeNt_: http://www.fleshlight.org/images/mocha_butt_fleshlight.jpg

AgeNt_: theres fittys fleshlight
Fitty Yen: yeah i didnt need to know that agent
ZeekyHBomb: OR MOUTH
Fitty Yen: keep it up and im kicking you off the devteam
ZeekyHBomb: y? :(
AgeNt_: wiener
Fitty Yen: how many of his texts have had to do w/ the fleshlight?
ZeekyHBomb: He's just crazy, there are ppl like that.
Don't take him too serious when he says such things ;)
AgeNt_: i need to get my bully good
Fitty Yen: im not taking him seriously im telling him to stop
AgeNt_: senoir year duude
ZeekyHBomb: You just don't want to sound like a meany in the blogpost.
ZeekyHBomb: Speaking of it:
Will we leave the links?
Consor them (if yes, viewable via marking?)?
Leave the stuff AgeNt_ said out.
ZeekyHBomb: (with the link, not everything ;) )
AgeNt_: lol
AgeNt_: okay
ZeekyHBomb: Well, Fitty wanted to simply leave that stuff out.
So I'm asking.
ZeekyHBomb knocks.
ZeekyHBomb: Anyone there?
AgeNt_: ME
ZeekyHBomb: You just gotta love AgeNt_
ZeekyHBomb: Always there when you need someone.
AgeNt_ gives a hug
ZeekyHBomb puts on robe and wizard hat with mudkip on it
ZeekyHBomb: <3
Fitty Yen: we're gonna have to censor the SHIT out of this before we put it on the blogsite
ZeekyHBomb: consoring out the workd shit is ok
ZeekyHBomb: word*
AgeNt_: maybe...
AgeNt_: we just sum up what we were talking about
AgeNt_: in 2 neet paragraphs
ZeekyHBomb: Nah, so It'll me ########, ########## and aswell the fleshlight-link?
AgeNt_: with all the things agent said!
Fitty Yen: yeah more or less zeeky
ZeekyHBomb: Why do you wanna censor out me?? D=
ZeekyHBomb: Just kidding.
Fitty Yen: oh
Fitty Yen: k
ZeekyHBomb: Will we also censor out this link: http://www.#####################.com/########
Fitty Yen: when was that posted?!?!?!
ZeekyHBomb: Right now.
Fitty Yen: and yes
Fitty Yen: u know i wont kick you off the team agent
Fitty Yen: but i can get ur PC to play toybox while its on
ZeekyHBomb: But I just cast my level 10 Penis of Power by putting on my wizard's roba and hat so you're defensless against my powers.
Fitty Yen: wth?
ZeekyHBomb: Example II
Fitty Yen: kk
AgeNt_: SoulxStealer: I cast my level 10 Penis of Power
SoulxStealer: You are now defenseless against my powers.
HornyBabe: baby getting so hot, im using my vibrator atm keep going
SoulxStealer: I cast my level 23 Hammer of Penetration
HornyBabe: tell me what your gonna do to me
ZeekyHBomb: Do you want to see spiderman, that might have a third leg or is bleeding out of his knee?
ZeekyHBomb: You do not speak unless spoken to, you are my slave and you will cease speaking!
ZeekyHBomb: You are only a level 1 Druid and I am a 90th level Shadowknight..!
Fitty Yen: i've got to be one of the only sane people on the internet
ZeekyHBomb: Ok, we'll better stop or we'll destroy Fitty's soul.
AgeNt_: Bob: now i order you to be a drug mule for my crips
Bob: 5 niggers come into the room, and shove a balloon of cocaine up your ass
Bob: "yeah, bitch" says one
AgeNt_: sorry fitty
AgeNt_ stops
ZeekyHBomb: There are as much sane ppl on the internet as there are girls:
AgeNt_: sorry fitty
AgeNt_ hugs fitty
ZeekyHBomb: The Internet will eat your soul, you cannot defeat it 'cause it's over 9000!
AgeNt_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdZW-4wQkcE
Fitty Yen: wth?!?!?
Fitty Yen: why in the fuck did you hug me??? O\_/o
ZeekyHBomb: No.
AgeNt_: cuz im sorry
Fitty Yen: the sorry was fine
AgeNt_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w6i70ztZKY
ZeekyHBomb: May I kiss you?
AgeNt_: lol
ZeekyHBomb: ghey
AgeNt_: lol
Fitty Yen is at youtube
ZeekyHBomb: Don't mind me. Feel free to lead of anytime.
Wierd videos...
Fitty Yen: ... cant find anything...
ZeekyHBomb: whaddya mean?
Fitty Yen: oh nothign
ZeekyHBomb: o.O
Fitty Yen: oh i wont be here friday cuz of football
ZeekyHBomb: You just want attention, and you god damn got it.
Fitty Yen: no i wanted to annoy you guys w/ some toybox links
AgeNt_: lol
AgeNt_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cS18yG8DJI
AgeNt_: the balls are inert
ZeekyHBomb: http://#######.com/watch/738/brunette-gets-######-##-###-####/
In the butt!
Fitty Yen: only sane person on the internet
ZeekyHBomb: That vid you sent, AgeNt_, is not available in my country o.O
AgeNt_: lol
Fitty Yen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7B0aZAaESs&feature=related
ZeekyHBomb: This is for you, Lash. lol.
Fitty Yen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSkWZB6E5VQ&feature=related
ZeekyHBomb: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3583360601945662917&q=dope+bitch&ei=X2tdSPeaBZXG2wKfvNHYAw
AgeNt_: no
AgeNt_: yawn
AgeNt_: fatty hates us :( i dont know why
ZeekyHBomb: 'cause he tries to be sane. On the internets!
Fitty Yen feels terrible about agents last post
Fitty Yen: NOT
AgeNt_: lol
Fitty Yen unleashes his deadliest servant http://lolcats.com/view/1384/
ZeekyHBomb: Also, there's a draft now on our blog.
See if you like the censoring
AgeNt_: weird
AgeNt_: some guy just sent me this
Fitty Yen: huh
Fitty Yen: he sounds like a dickhead
ZeekyHBomb: Updated censoring
AgeNt_: came out of nowhere
ZeekyHBomb: Shall I censor out the cybersex logs?
AgeNt_: no
AgeNt_: keep them there for fitty
Fitty Yen: and the fleshlight plz
AgeNt_: lol
AgeNt_: thats already been censored
ZeekyHBomb: I don't think they're that offensive or makes you pouke.
ZeekyHBomb: puke*
Fitty Yen starts to take agents skull apart
AgeNt_: what why
AgeNt_: :(
AgeNt_ slits wrists
Fitty Yen: im separating u from ur skeleton member
Fitty Yen: u cant
ZeekyHBomb: 'cause he's got a sick mind and wants to do it. See your brain, blood pouring 'n stuff.
AgeNt_: dont make me get my neice on you
Fitty Yen: i took the bones in ur arms already
AgeNt_: fitty fitty fitty..
AgeNt_: your not the same
Fitty Yen: no im a practicing surgon
ZeekyHBomb: suuuuure you are
AgeNt_: who shooved the cork up your ass and made you like this? micheal jackson?
AgeNt_: LOL JK
AgeNt_ bites tounge off with teeth to help fitty in the dismemberments
Fitty Yen: ur jaws been gone too
Fitty Yen: im all done i just gotta sew ur skin back to gether
AgeNt_: piss
AgeNt_: well will you help me
AgeNt_: here fitty
AgeNt_: http://www.moddb.com/members/adrianshephard/images/heh
AgeNt_: http://www.moddb.com/members/agent1/images/oh-noes
ZeekyHBomb: So, no censoring on the chatlogs?
I think we can leave the fleshlights in.
ZeekyHBomb: It's just a tool, you can't see anything bad on that pic.
Fitty Yen: yeah blog away
AgeNt_: you said it
AgeNt_: lol
ZeekyHBomb: k, I included the stuff coming after that thing aswell.
cybersex-logs not censored, fleshlight not censored.
Fitty Yen: i wonder if mythbusters is still on
AgeNt_: ########
AgeNt_: ####
ZeekyHBomb: And it's almost 1AM here, so I'll go to sleep aswell.
ZeekyHBomb: gn8
Fitty Yen: kk laters zeeky
AgeNt_: peace out
AgeNt_: cya tommrrow
Fitty Yen sneezes
ZeekyHBomb: ye, cya
AgeNt_: bless you

Ok, that's it. That's who we are: Freaks (except for Fitty Yen).

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hello there,
This is Team Flakes first Blogpost. Witness the beginning of the development of the most awesome mod of all times!

Now, to get back to reality, here's our (active) team by now:
Fitty Yen: Leader, Designer, Mapper

Agent: Mapper, Modeler, (basic) Texture Artist
z33ky: Coder

barneyslayer: internal Tester
DaFunkMasta: internal Tester

VALVe: uhh... they did something.. I guess...

We are searching for Texture Artist(s) and a Sound Engeneer

Our mod is in an early stage of development, so don't expect any release to the public soon. So far we have no completed maps but 3 are nearly complete. We got a pretty sweet snowball-model and a WIP vacuum-model. Codingside we have the snowball- and slingshot-weapon and one bothersome bug with the actual snowball-projectile.

That's it for now - just some basic info. But be sure to subscripe to not to miss the next post, which will be the history so far. And soon to come: Screenshots :D