Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Progress: Marbles, Vacuum

Just here to report my work.
I added the marbles, which will be shot from the slingshot. They can destroy snowballs - of course it is easier to hit bigger ones and you can charge the slingshot up so that the marbles get shot in a shotgun-pattern.

I also started working on the vacuum. You are able to suck up snow to create bigger snowballs to throw at people and snowblocks to build stuff.
I only have the physics-part working, so the snowballs fly to you if you "shoot" at them.

AgeNt_ is already working on some models. When they are in-game I guess I'll get some screenshots.

Till then we are still searching for Texture Artists, a Sound Engeneer and some Testers. Apply at our forums.

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