Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My disaster with Delusion:Source

So, our tester barneyslayer, became aware that I'm the coder of the team. Him being a modeler of Delusion:Source asked me if I could help them a little out with coding, I would also only have to make minor stuff, such as coding weapons. Being helpful I agreed and joined the team.

---cut due request of the Delusion:Source Team---
To make it short what was there:
The coder, who already was there, hadn't been able to compile the code so I had to start from zero. I added multiple dynamic lights (easy, it's on VALVe's developer-wiki). Then I started the code for a flashlight which would have a viewmodel - so that the light has to follow the end of the model.

Anyways, I finished the code for the flashlight, added ironsights (I'm soon gonna update the code you can find on VALVe's wiki as it's a bit crappy) and a syringe. But AgeNt_ reminded me that Team Snowflakes would appreachiate it when I would still code for them. He was totally right, so I fixed up a huge bug of the snowballs.

I reaslised that I couldn't fully maintain two complete mods as I would be leadcoder of both. So the only good solution was to quit Delusion:Source. Nothing personal or something, but it's just too much or me. Best wishes on the team :)

Barneyslayer got a warning from us - as trying to get working resources (team members) to work for your own team is a bit mean. Sure, they can say no, but that wouldn't be nice as you want to be helpful 'n all.

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