Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hello there,
This is Team Flakes first Blogpost. Witness the beginning of the development of the most awesome mod of all times!

Now, to get back to reality, here's our (active) team by now:
Fitty Yen: Leader, Designer, Mapper

Agent: Mapper, Modeler, (basic) Texture Artist
z33ky: Coder

barneyslayer: internal Tester
DaFunkMasta: internal Tester

VALVe: uhh... they did something.. I guess...

We are searching for Texture Artist(s) and a Sound Engeneer

Our mod is in an early stage of development, so don't expect any release to the public soon. So far we have no completed maps but 3 are nearly complete. We got a pretty sweet snowball-model and a WIP vacuum-model. Codingside we have the snowball- and slingshot-weapon and one bothersome bug with the actual snowball-projectile.

That's it for now - just some basic info. But be sure to subscripe to not to miss the next post, which will be the history so far. And soon to come: Screenshots :D